Essay on Euthanasi Terminally Ill Patient

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When it comes to the topic of Euthanasia most of us will readily agree that it can be a good thing for those who are terminally ill. Where the argument usually ends however is on the question of if a person would be euthanized because they were depressed or because they have a terminal illness. Whereas some are convinced that it is wrong to be euthanized in both situations. Others maintain that a terminally ill patient should be allowed to be euthanized. My own view in the topic is that if a person is terminally ill they should be able to be euthanized and not have to suffer any longer. When we think about people being alive there are many things that come to mind such as are they breathing, does their brain have any activity going on, and a big one do they have a heart beat? These are all things that we use to qualify someone as being alive, but does that all really mean that they are truly alive? These qualifications don 't really justify if someone is alive because a person could be breathing but only though a ventilator or they may have a heart beat but they are paralyzed and can 't move so they are basically a vegetable. In an article called Choosing to End a Life by Julie-Anne Davies which says "Fear of being in pain , but also the indignity of being trapped in a body which no longer functions but where the brain is as active as ever, can transform the most law abiding and conservative citizens into Fugitives" (Davies 2). Basically what Davies is saying is that if we…

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