Euthanasia, Suicide, And Double Doctrine Essay example

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Intro to Euthanasia,suicide, and Double doctrine
It may come to no surprise to you that the topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide are controversial issues. It makes sense why it would cause controversy when people ask to end their lives of their own accord. However despite suicide having a negative connotation, euthanasia is a much more complicated issue. While people wish to have their loved ones alive, the patient who is suffering may not desire to keep going on with their life due to suffering or the lack of actual function. Some people may not want their loved ones to use euthanasia and assisted suicide because of their religious beliefs. They believe that by using euthanasia or assisted suicide they are throwing away their own precious gift of life. However it is important to realize that this religious argument to the euthanasia debate does not apply to every opponent of it. The final issue double doctrine actually ties into both euthanasia and assisted suicide. What it essentially boils down to is not to intentionally cause harm to your patients and to mean well. Which is the opposite to an ends justify the means philosophy. So while each of these issues are capable of causing controversy in varying amounts, the issues involving them are still not black or white. Euthanasia and assisted suicide
Euthanasia and assisted suicide seems to be the more sever of the three topics that are to be discussed. Euthanasia is the…

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