Mexican Life History Essay

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Ethnographic Research Paper: Life History (Geronimo Hernandez) The topic that I choose is the life history of a Mexican man by the name of Geronimo Hernandez. The reason why I choose to do a life history of a Mexican man is because I can relate with that person and I have knowledge of traditions and know some of the struggles Mexican people face as a community. I like Mr. Hernandez have come to this country to live a better life and have left a different life style back in our Country like many immigrants. Another benefit is that my father who happens to be around the same age as Mr. Hernandez has told me stories about how life was for him growing up and some of the reasons why many immigrants have made this great country their home. The power …show more content…
There is a boy name Geronimo Hernandez age five and brother of two brothers and seven sisters and the fourth oldest. Life for this young boy starts early in the mornings when he gets up at five in the morning to go help his father and his older brother work the lands to farm. The family’s main support is farming like many in the small town. The family also had around 150 goats to attend which meant it was an all-day, everyday job. Mr. Hernandez remembers that for lunch his mother and sister would bring them food and his father would start a fire and they would eat as a family and he really enjoyed drinking fresh goat’s milk every day. At the end of a hard day’s work they would return home and since at that time nobody had a T.V or new anyone with that much money to afford one he would go play. The kids would go out to play in the streets where everyone knew each other and his father would go to the grownups hangout to talk with his friends. That was an everyday normal way people would socialize with each other. People hung out until night time then everyone would say their good byes and people would go have dinner as a family. The culture in the time era when Mr. Hernandez was brought up it was expected for the male children to go work with their fathers at such a young age and it was normal for the girls to attend to doing the house choirs. Many families had

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