Ethics and Technology Essay

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Keith Vaughn
Ethics and Technology
The rapid advancement of technology greatly affects how we live. Literally speaking, we are now in the age where everything moves at our fingertips. From gadgets, to internet, agriculture and almost every aspect of our lives technology is confronting us affecting our decisions, affecting even the way how we interact with one another. The days when letters are delivered through postal mail are almost over; the day when communications will take many days to be completed is vanishing; now we are bringing our plants into the laboratory in the hope to cultivate a better species. No matter how we see it, technology now dictates the pace of our lives, and we must adopt and move fast
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Allen, however, added that in today’s generation there is an observed deterioration of ethical values and that this has created distrust and a negative impact on how we interact and live (2). With these premises, there is a call to examine ourselves and find critical solutions to degrading ethical standards due to technology.
Just recently human ethical standards were challenged due to the technological advancement the world adopted. In the field of agriculture the search for developing superior plant species resistant against pest and diseases prompted man to bring agriculture inside laboratories and led to the propagation of genetically modified organisms more commonly known as GMO. The GMO technology elicits criticism across the world due to the ethical implications it poses, most prominent of this is food safety. Ethical issues with the unknown risk posed to consumers including the right to be informed about the food they consume emerges and has been the subject of debate from time to time. The biggest ethical issue with this technology however is the concept of “man playing God”, adding to it the lack of law that will obligate the scientists involved in the technology to compensate for the risk and loss, puts this technology into question (Nuffield Council on Bioethics 2-3).
When we talk about technology, undeniably, computers and the internet will rank

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