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Ethics Program
Company X

Here at Company X we strive to make the atmosphere comfortable so that our employees can do their job to the best of their ability. Our primary goals are to provide quality work to our customers consistently and to build a trusting relationship with them. We strive to have a professional company internally as well as externally by creating a business culture that reflects our aspirations. In order to achieve this, we follow the ensuing guidelines:

A) Application Standards and Procedures
- Dress Code
How we present ourselves physically should reflect our culture within the business. It is imperative to present ourselves in a professional manner. So as to look professional and to limit distractions, we ask that workers would dress in business formal attire. This includes suites, ties, slacks, collared shirts, stockings, long skirts, etc. Low cut tops, tank tops, miniskirts, and tight pants are not to be worn in the workplace. The company does relax the dress code on Fridays to a business casual, which allows workers to wear more relaxed attire, including jeans. In all cases the clothing must be neat and clean, and free from holes. If any of the attire is offensive, or does not meet the company dress code, the employee will be asked to go home and change.
- Sexual Harassment
Company X does not, and will not, tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Employees engaged in any act of sexual harassment will be immediately reprimanded and…

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