Ethics Of The New Orleans Essay

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Just as ethical issues may arise in business organizations, they also do so in the sports world. From the excerpt in our Business textbook (Ferrell, 2015), ethical issues arise in the example of the New Orleans Saint Football team. As our Business textbook states, “The New Orleans football organization is an example of ethical misconduct in leadership (Ferrell, 2015).” The New Orleans Saints leadership exhibited ethical issues such as bribery within the team, fairness and honesty in the game, compromising of the relationships amongst the teammates, owners, coaches and, but not limited to, other football teams within the NFL. The most obvious ethical issue would be abusive and intimidating behavior.
The New Orleans Saints’ organizational culture was jeopardized by the poor examples the leadership and players demonstrated resulting in the “bounty scandal.” Many fans uphold the team to a higher standard and the positive behaviors, values, attitudes, and expectations they are believed to have are unfounded once a scandal is exposed. The “bounty scandal” tainted the view of the team’s positive culture to the fans who upheld the team as an exemplary model in the NFL.
Rebuilding the reputation and the organizational culture within an organization such as the New Orleans Saints team, it takes the whole team and everyone affiliated to follow a code of ethics. As our Business textbook (Ferrell, 2015) states, “Ethical decisions in an organization are influenced by three factors:…

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