Essay on Ethics : Ethics And Ethics

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More and more businesses today are implementing strict ethical codes. Ethics are put into place when someone like a co-worker or even a superior may tempt you to make a decision that could be considered unethical. The right choice may not always be black and white. Making ethical decisions requires a thought process that could be extensive in order to make the right choice. I think there are several morals that stand behind the principal of Ethics. Ethics entails being honest, having knowledge, integrity, among many others (Kerns,2003). I think being honest is the most important of these morals, if you lie about something you can easily and automatically be placed into an unethical decision. You need to be knowledgeable about your business in order to prevent yourself from being in an unethical decision. Integrity is making the right decision even when it isn’t easy. Making sure employees know what is expected of them is a good way to make sure unethical circumstances don’t occur.(Kerns, 2003) Most companies have a code of Ethics. A code of Ethics is signed by an employee when signing onto the company. The code of ethics tells an employee what Is expected of them and what will happen if they do not comply with those guidelines, the more specific the better (Williams,2016). Ethics for some companies entails making sure the customers’ needs come first. Ethics is more than just following the law. Ethics should be integrated in every business decision that you make.…

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