Ethics, Emotions, And Logic Essay

1046 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
When reading any piece of literature, the rhetoric behind the writing is crucial, in order to appeal to the audience through ethics, emotions, and logic. Writing 102 has taught me what the appeals generally are, and how they can positively influence my writing. Through the contents of my papers, whether they are from my history class, narrative in writing course, or Writing 102 itself, I clearly demonstrate the rhetoric appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to enhance my writing ability and amplify a more positive reaction from my readers. Although each individual papers of mine bear different topics and styles of writing, the presence of the appeals are fluently intertwined, and establish a foundation for each paper. When registering for my college writing class, I had no knowledge of rhetoric appeals, but throughout the year the basic terms have evolved into an abstract principle, that is present in all my writing. Within each paper 's text, the readers are able to pick out logical facts, ethical credibility, all while feeling the emotions the text presents. It is important to realize in the field of writing that the writer would be nothing to without his or her audience, and to keep people reading, never mind their own work, is the emotions that are involved in the art. One very strong appeal, especially to creative writer, is pathos, the ability to appeal to the reader 's emotions. I have learned emotions are a universal entity, and they are a key way to relate to your…

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