Essay on Ethics And Practices Of Sports Management

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Popping up on athletes from the beach to the hardwood, KT Tape is an emerging product that provides a unique look and takes on performance wear. With a latex free adhesive solution to braces and wraps, there is a reason why athletes are jumping on board with the product. However, delving deeper, the growth of this company and product are the result of a multi-layered sponsorship strategy that will be on full display at the Summer Olympics in Rio. Various aspects of this company’s increasing prevalence can be connected to the sponsorship chapter in Principles and Practices of Sport Management. Gaining an understanding of the company’s beginnings in beach volleyball and its development will validate this connection and outline various forms of sponsorship.

What is KT Tape? The full version of the name is actually Kinesio Tape and it has become a legitimate alternative for athletes and fitness fanatics as a restriction free solution for injuries and support. Rooted in beach volleyball with Kerry Walsh as their first athlete sponsorship, KT Tape began its journey in 2008. Walsh made a perfect entry into the world of sponsorship as she plays a sport where there is a large focus on individuals and maximum exposure for their product. Since then, they have secured governing body deals with the likes of USA Cycling, USA Gymnastics, USA Track & Field, USA Triathlon, USA Rugby and USA Wrestling. These deals may cost the company more compared to lower levels of sponsorship, however…

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