Essay about Ethics And Its Aspects Of Life

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Ethics are of critical importance in any aspect of life. Ethics define who a person is and what they stand for. Ethics within a company also reflect what that business is about and what they stand for as well. Many people and companies define ethics differently. However, the fundamental definition of ethics seems to remain the same. A basic definition of ethics can often be stated as "a set of rules or principles that define right and wrong conduct"(Decenzo & Robbins, pg. 22). Due to the ambiguousness of this definition, it may be hard for one to determine the difference between right and wrong behavior.
Most people in general know the difference of right and wrong behavior. However, this knowledge doesn 't prevent one from committing the wrong thing verses the right one. There have been various scandals known throughout the U.S. when an employee working for a corporation made the wrong choice. One of these notorious companies is known as Enron. Enron had a large public scandal which, consisted of corporate executives doing illegal and unethical actions (Decenzo & Robbins, pg. 22). Although these scandals can be detrimental for the company itself, it can also be of a concern to our general public as well. It can be increasingly difficult for people in our society to trust these corporations and the employees that work for them. Scandals such as the one that occurred with Enron can really start making companies rethink their ethics. As well as the overall impact that ethics…

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