Ethical Principles Of Human Resource Management Essay

813 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the corporate world today, businesses that are enormous and those that are less mammoth must follow some ethical principles. An organization’s ethics matter significantly because standards replicates the organization’s reputation regarding reliance, reverence, impartiality, and fair-mindedness” (Society for Human Resource Management, 2015, p. 119). To just put it, having virtuous principles in place that are good for the business matter and sometimes more than one realize. For example, even though Wall Street had ethical principles in place, it did not matter for some because the organizational behavior led to people losing homes, all their savings and for some their lives. This renowned organization collapsed because of unethical practices in the workplace which affected the community, customers, and the team itself. The consequences were a catastrophe disarray. Some of the employees at the top of the organization fail to meet their responsibility in regards to making decent choices. One would like to think that they were driven by greed and power and the clients ignorance of the rules and policy. They violated their ethical charge by influencing business for their profit and special interest groups. If an organization look at its ethics and values and ignore something that is wrong, it just might end up out of business. I firmly believe that people who manage currency should have a high degree of integrity. As I begin to reflect on the question, what are some…

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