Ethical Issues Of Police Brutality

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The article selected is from the New Jersey Journal, “Two more Bayonne cops named in police brutality lawsuit”. The article at hand demonstrates how police officers misuse their power on the force. In the article, two fellow officers watched as their partner struck a handcuffed Mr. Walsh with a flashlight. Consequently, this case has been highly scrutinized due to the police officers claiming that their form of action was in self defense. However, with more details coming to light this case becomes one in many where police officers misconstrue the facts in order to get away with misconduct, violence and at times death. In this case, the police officers watch as a handcuffed man is being beaten by officer Lillio. Thus, violating the code of ethic that is needed in every government agency or corporation. In the book, “Criminal Justice Internships”, it states, “Code of ethics are to be reflections of the morally permissible standards of conduct which members of a group make binding upon themselves” (McBride 84). Police officers of every state swear an oath to protect their community and to make sure that laws are being abided. Clearly by the statement above these police officers did not abide to their sworn oath due to excessive use of force. Their true …show more content…
I agree with McBride’s statement, all officers and other professionals have a duty to honor and must abide to the ethical standards. By not remaining true to ethical standards many individuals are being injured or killed due to excessive force and officer misconduct. In this case, the officers who stood watch are just as guilty as Officer Lillio and should be held accountable for their actions. The officers did not only stand watch but misrepresented the incident in the report in order to protect Officer

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