Ethical Issues in Management Essay

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Ethical Issues in Management
Charles Hall
Axia Student

Diversity in the workplace refers to the stark contrast of individuals within the same work environment. Many moral and ethical issues are faced by managers every day concerning diversity. Social Issues and ethically responsible management practices relate to workplace diversity in simple but important ways. Ethically it is irresponsible for managers to manage diversity in the workplace by acting insensitively towards employees. There are many ways that managers can avoid ethical issues concerning diversity in the workplace, but first they must understand the moral and ethical issues that they are faced with. Fifty years ago it was not uncommon to see any workplace filled with
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The most basic social issue that bleeds into the workplace is personal, not professional respect. It is essential for the manager to respect the employee as a person, not just as a fellow professional. In this way the manager practices mutual respect towards the employee fostering an environment where the employee feels valued for more than just what they can do; who they are. Another social issue that pervades the workplace is race. There is a whole month in America dedicated to Black History in order to educate schoolchildren and adults alike about the atrocities that were allowed to happen to African Americans. It is important to understand the social aspect of the day for a manager to detour around what may be considered racial issues. If a manager practices addressing all employees by their name and not giving nicknames or being overly friendly towards employees of one member of a race or another then the manager will more than likely avoid the ethical issue of racism in the workplace. This practice will also set the example for subordinates to follow furthering the effort to diminish workplace racism. A tricky social issue that affects the ethical atmosphere in the workplace is ethnicity. Ethnicity is not so much race, but ones culture. Certain holidays are observed by different ethnicities every year that a manager may not be aware of. The manager should practice prudence

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