Cloning Pros And Cons

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In 1997, the first adult mammal was successfully cloned, a sheep named Dolly. This event led to the speculations of human cloning, reviving of extinct or endangered animals, and a medical innovation, which have become sizable controversial topics. In reality, the whole issue is arcane. The act of cloning is a very beneficial instrument to humans, as long as it is applied appropriately.
A full knowledge of cloning is a requisite to understand the issue. Cloning is the biological process of producing genetically identical organisms. Clones are organisms that are exact genetic copies. Every single bit of their DNA is identical. Clones can happen naturally—identical twins, or they can be made in the lab (“What is Cloning”). The difference between
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Playing God is possibly the largest debate involving cloning. People believe human beings should only be created naturally and how God intended, so they think cloning should be made illegal. However, The government is not bound by religion. Looking at cloning without a religious point of view, cloning is just another form of creating life.
One of the benefits of cloning is the ability to clone livestock. In 2008, the FDA deemed the products of cloned animals and their offspring safe to eat (Bosnor and Congor). Cloning animals for food makes pecuniary sense because it can increase the reproduction of livestock, therefore increasing sales and jobs. Cloning can open up a whole industry. Cloners could choose a “perfect animal” to clone continuously for maximum
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They say if too many people clone themselves, it changes the fact that all people are different. While it is true that the DNA of a person and their clone are exactly the same, their personalities and emotions can vary extensively. A clone is like a younger twin. In Remaking Eden, Lee Silver says, “What makes man special resides between his ears. We are fools if we don’t know that” (302). The clone would be raised with different situations and friends, which is very important in the development of a person’s brain. A person and their clone will look identical, but their personalities could be

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