The Pros And Cons Of Cloning Animals

Anyone who has seen any of the Jurassic Park movies, knows that cloning something that has been extinct is just a bad idea. Cloning animals will cause a disbalance in nature and in the animal kingdom. Imagine if every month we had to look for a new source of food because the new invasive clone species consumers all the surrounding resources, leaving little left for the remaining surviving species including humans. Cloning is one giant experiment that will cost the united states funds it does not have, and like many experiments it will take hundreds of mistakes to get one success. These mistakes will be tested on the animals causing them pain and suffering, and even if scientists do make a fully formed clone, we have no idea if the clone’s brain is fully developed.

Furthermore, right now there are over 16,000 animals currently on the endangered list. If cloning becomes legal that list could go higher because when you introduce a new species to an area where that animal is not usually found it will become an invasive species.
“Successful populations of wild animals need a certain amount of genetic diversity in order to prevent an epidemic or other environmental stressor from wiping all of them out”
(“why cloning won’t save endangered animals.” All about wildlife. N,P. 25 Oct. 2014. Web. Nov.2016)
Bringing back an already dead species is
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The earth is about to be has a decent amount of living things already on it, the more we add the less resources we are going to have. The more animals we create means it will be harder for animals to find food, causing them to die. We all seen what Scar did to the pride lands in Lion king, he allowed the hyenas to over hunt the animals, and over drink the water, causing the lions and species of animals to slowly die off. If we clone animals this is what will happen, too many species in one area causing everything to

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