Ethical Dilemmas That Health Care Professionals And Their Patients Go Through

1980 Words Oct 27th, 2016 8 Pages
There are many ethical dilemmas that health care professionals and their patients go through. The following dilemma will be in regards to a case study about a baby named Thomas. Thomas was born prematurely and immediately transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a selection of measures to help him stay alive including actions for adequate cerebral perfusion and cardio- respiratory function. After 52 days in NICU, Thomas has had poor response to his treatment and while his parents wish for him to continue with treatment and management, the head of the ICU and Anaesthesia ward is ordering removal of life support actions and treatment due to the cost and the evidence that Thomas will likely not survive. Nurses are concerned that in the unlikely chance that Thomas survives, he will bear severe neurological damage as well as other debilitating disabilities, while the social worker is concerned for the parents, who were not properly prepared for the probability that Thomas will not survive. The distressed parents have now gone to the media to bring light to their situation. This discussion will go into depth about the ethical frameworks such as the dignity and rights of all involved and effected including the parents and the health care workers. Relevant principles and theories connected to the topic will also be discussed, as well as legal and ethical conflicts and priorities, which include Professional code of Ethics, Codes of Conduct and state and federal laws…

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