Ethical Analysis For Daily Choices Essay

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Ethical Analysis for Daily Choices After I woke up, I checked my phone first before I brushed my teeth. I purchased my phone 2 months ago from Amazon because it was cheap and it is a Google phone. It is a phone from LG electronics, which is a South Korean brand. The phone was manufactured in South Korea as it stated on the box. Even though LGE states that they are aware the importance of protecting human right and they will prohibit the Discrimination (LG Electronics), parts of the phone are made in other nearby countries such as China and India. China is the biggest player in the phone production and supplies most of the rare Earth materials, which often use in the many phone (O’Leary). To manufactured a phone like this oversea cost less on the labors than in the United States. But on the other hand, these countries are happy with foreign investments, because it can help create jobs and stimulates the local economy. LGE is associated with child labor for cobalt, which is used to make the lithium battery in phone (Novet). The workers are working in poor working condition with low paying (O’Leary). If I knew that LG has a low ethiscore of 4, I will not consider buying a phone from it (Eordogh). I will buy a phone from Blackberry, which scores 10 out of 20 and manufactured their phone in the North America. The environmental cost of manufacturing a Blackberry phone is less than an LG phone. It will also create job for the U.S workers and possibly help…

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