The Importance Of Chicken And Meats

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There are many ways to harvest chicken and meats, but the most common one and the one you’re consuming may have been raised in the cage free environment and getting injected with steroids. That’s sound free and happy right? Well no is not, cage free stands for having thirty thousands of chicken or even more, stuck in a dark place where they cannot move. The chicken are only allowed to stand in one place, do their needs in that same place and not even get clean. Imagine your meats and poultry being injected with steroids, how bad does that sound? you’re eating steroids. Nowadays, farmers inject different chemicals, antibiotics to their harvest so they can collect more income and produce more product. Also the meats, poultry you are consuming …show more content…
I am going to reduce the amount of meat and poultry I consume. Why? Because farm industry all there doing is harming these animals and we are not aware of the harm there causing to these poor animals for us consumers. After watching the film Vegan in my English class I realize that am actually harming these animals, they die for me to consume them. Also, the way farmers raised these poor animals and terminate them is very devastating. According to the article “Factory Farming: Misery for Animals, retrieve from, “Today’s factory farming, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devises. Realizing the suffer these animals have to go to made me think twice before consuming a piece of meat. I start it of by only consuming chicken at least once a week, no more meat. I started on consuming more grain products, vegetables and fruits, I consumed for the week only salad, pasta and on the weekend I consumed chicken I did found myself craving chicken not meat. So far, I have not eaten beef meat, am going to try on keeping in that way. I know I could go for a while without consuming meat, but chicken is very difficult for me. In my prospective why I find it very hard to not consume meat or chicken is because for my entire life I always have eaten meat, stopping out nowhere makes it more difficult to quit and I also think my body is already adapted to these

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