Ethic Cases Essay

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In this course we will discuss and analyze selected cases from among the following sets:

1. 20 short cases - to be resolved individually (ethical challenges of managers)
2. 15 longer cases –more involved, to be resolved in group discussion (ethical challenges of employers, managers and organizations)


1. You’re the plant manager in one of ABC Company’s five plants. You’ve worked for the company for 15 years, working your way up from the factory floor, after the company sent you to college. Your boss just told you, in complete confidence, that the company will have to
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Two of Joanne’s favourite “targets” are you and Bill, another co-worker who tends to be quite stand-offish in his business relationships. Joanne is the department clown and is forever goading you and Bill; you, because you’re a great audience and clearly think she’s hilarious; Bill, because she likes to try to get him to be more approachable. Joanne frequently alludes to sexual subjects and has called both you and Bill “little alley cats” and “studs”. While Joanne’s behaviour doesn’t offend you at all, you’re surprised when Bill approaches you in the men’s room and bitterly complains about Joanne’s constant teasing.

4. You’re an employment counselor at a large outplacement firm. Your company is currently negotiating with Black Company to provide outplacement services to 500 employees who are about to lose their jobs as result of a layoff. Your neighbour and good friend is a reporter for the local newspaper, who mentions to you over coffee one Saturday that she’s writing a story about Black Company. According to her sources, 1,500 employees are about to lose their jobs. You know her number is incorrect. Should you tell her?

5. You were recently promoted to manager with five professional and two clerical staff. One of the professionals, Joe, is a nice guy, but he simply hasn’t been able to match the performance of the others in the department. When he tells you he has been interviewing for another job in a different part of the company, you pull his

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