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The purpose of this assignment is to identify a utilitarian, ethical perspective of a company that supplies transistors to a pace maker company. This will be done by first describing Utilitarian ethics. Followed by identifying the key utilitarian ethical problems confronting the transistor company. Then covering the advice that Jeremy Bentham might have given in this situation. After this the Utility Test will be applied to the situation, followed by the Common Good Test. Upon completion of both test the results will be compared to decide which of the two test is the most informative and why.
Transistor Company Back Ground The case that was presented for review was one of ethical decisions. A company that produced
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What does Trans Inc do?
Utilitarian Ethics Defined To identify the key Utilitarian Ethical problems with this case, Utilitarian Ethics must first be described. Utilitarianism defines morality in terms of the greatest utility for all parties affected by a decision or action (Kay, 1997). This is further broken down into two basic types of utilitarianism, act-utilitarianism and rule-utilitarianism (Sevenoaks, 2009-13). The first focuses on a specific act and the consequences that follow. Simple put, choose what ever maximizes utility in any given circumstance (Sevenoaks, 2009-13). This method is more self-centered (Driver, 2009). How does the outcome provide utility to the individual making the decisions? This presents the problem of having to analyze every decision to identify which action brings about the great utility. While through this method is very time consuming. The second type of Utilitarianism rectifies this problem.
The second, Rule Utilitarianism, attempts to devise rules, which lead to the greatest utility to the greatest number of people (Kay, 1997). An example of this method would be to establish a rule that states ‘not stealing provides the great utility.’ This method speeds the decision making process up, however it to is subject to problems. To most effectively utilize utilitarianism both methods must be used.
The classic morality question, if a poor/homeless person had to steal food to

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