Estimated Calorine Intake And Estimated Calorie Needs

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Estimated Calorie Intake and Estimated Calorie Needs:
1. My average daily caloric intake was 1239 calories.
2. The NCP-O recommended I needed 1860 calories to maintain my current weight.
Energy Balance:
3. A.) During the 5 day food diary, I ate fewer calories than the NCP-O recommended. I consumed 1239 calories out of the1860 calories recommended by the NCP-O. I was short by 621 calories.
B.) Based on the difference between in intake versus need, I am predicted to lose weight as I need more calories than I actually eat.
Estimate of Body Fatness/Composition:
4. The normal BMI range is from 18.5 – 25. My BMI is 21.3 and I fall well within the healthy normal range.
5. A.) My waist circumference is 28 inches and my hip circumference is 37.5 inches,
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Looking back at my food diary, the positive habits that I would like to continue is the fact that I prepare almost all of my meals at home from scratch with fresh nutrient dense ingredients. In fact, in the entire 5 day food diary I only ate out once. An example of the types of dishes I cooked included, an Asian Chicken Manchow soup which was loaded with veggies like mushroom, carrots, cabbage, an egg and lean chicken breast and homemade chicken stock, which I made sure contained more veggies than chicken, served as an excellent source of both carbohydrate and protein, in short a nutrient dense meal. Another good example would be my spicy kidney bean curry which was made with dried kidney beans and not canned beans, as canned beans tend to be higher in sodium and preservatives; hence I prefer to eat more fresh or frozen produce than canned or preserved produce. On a daily basis, I consume a variety of fresh or frozen veggies and fruits by adding them to my breakfast smoothies and adding greens to my sandwiches or as a side of salad in most meals, which helps me, maintain my daily dietary fiber intake and get all the essential vitamins and minerals. Since I do not consume any form of tea, coffee or sodas, my choice of beverage is normally water on a daily basis, which helps me stay hydrated and avoid any extra calories. Overall, my food choices are mainly nutrient dense and not energy …show more content…
During the 5 day food diary, I consumed 1239 calories on average and the NCP-O recommends I consume 1860 calories, so I need to increase my total calorie intake by 621 calories in order to meet the recommendations. I was happy, however, to find out that I am not exceeding my calorie intake, especially since I am a sedentary person and that could easily lead to weight gain. Since my foods are mainly home cooked and are coming from nutrient dense and fresh sources like veggies, fruits, nuts etc. and not energy dense sources like sweets, sodas and junk food, I am satisfied with my overall diet. However, I need to reduce my intake of red meats and remove processed meats from my diet as a preventative measure against chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancers as they do run in my family history. Another habit I would like to embrace is to get more physically active and go to gym at least 4 times a week, especially if I plan on increasing my overall calories as recommended, a healthy diet with a healthy body are crucial. My BMI is 21.3 and well within the recommended normal range and my waist to hip ratio is 0.75 and again within the range for a healthy female with a low risk of mortality. In short, my first step would be to get more physically active in order to match my increasing caloric intake. However, I am pleased with the overall results and I am happy that, I already have good food habits and getting active is the next step to a healthier lifestyle for

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