Establishing a procurement strategy Essay examples

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“Establishing a procurement strategy – New concert hall”
This assignment has been designed to enable you to prepare a report style paper on two currently used UK construction procurement methods that would be applicable to the example scenario below. Upon presenting the two most suitable options you should then suggest which one would be most suitable for the scenario given. Your assignment is outlined below.
Construction projects, establishing a procurement strategy
Many clients to the construction industry will often face a steep learning curve on their construction project or programme. To establish a valid and robust procurement strategy at the outset is considered a key aspect to achieving a successful outcome
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Therefore the cost certainty is highly advised to be implemented.
On the other hand, life cycle costing and value for money management should be done; in order to ensure that long term maintenance costs and the major



components for the projects have had the life cycle cost exercise. The scenario shows there is limited fund to the projects, therefore lump sum contracts are advised to be used in this case.
In Conclusion, Project Cost is showing as a major factor in this scenario; therefore the price certainty has been given (5 out 5) to indicate the overriding criteria.


Assuming the quality level required in the scenario is high level quality, as there is a need to have an operating building and to use the auditorium, bar, restaurant and the open exhibition areas which assumed to generate revenues will assist in the operating costs for the building, considering the need to control the quality in both the design stage as well as the construction stage; therefore the need to assign the client design advisors came up on the surface. In addition to that, the shape for the building which include proposed attractive places, such as auditorium, restaurant and bar, shall be in a good shape, which require high quality, as well as the functionality of the auditorium might require special skills within the

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