Self Evaluation Research Paper

Final Self Evaluation

Establishing Ethos is one of the most important aspects of giving a speech. The audience’s perception of a speaker, is very important to their understanding and comprehension of one’s speech. In this public speaking course, I believe I have done a decent job in achieving positive ethos. Every time I delivered a speech I made sure to make eye contact with every member of the audience. This is good in establishing a positive ethos as it allowed me to make a personal connection with each member of the audience, making them feel more connected and interested in the speech. Additionally, I made sure to know what I was talking about and be prepared before presenting my speeches. This allowed me to establish credibility with
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One of the strongest elements of my personal delivery style is the ability to maintain consistent eye contact throughout a speech. I have no problem maintaining eye contact when giving a speech, and feel confident in making sure to connect with every member of the audience. One aspect of my personal delivery style that I believe needs improvement is my rate of speaking. Although I do not feel I get particularly nervous when speaking, I always talk at an increased rate of speech. This often results in my speeches coming up short in length, and audience members struggling to understand what I am saying. Improving this aspect of my delivery style could greatly increase the effectiveness of my …show more content…
As a teacher, communication and public speaking will play a major role in my day to day job. I must have the skills to communicate with parents, students, administrators, and other school staff. The profession of a teacher requires one to be skilled in various areas of public speaking. As a teacher, I will equally be required to give speeches of introduction, information, and impromptu speaking. Introduction speeches are one of the most common types of speeches I will have to give as a teacher. There are a variety of instances I will have to give introduction speeches such as when I have to introduce myself to my new students for the year, and at parent teacher conferences and meetings. Additionally, impromptu speaking plays a major role in the job of a teacher. Teacher’s deal with unplanned circumstances and need to be able to adapt and change a lesson quickly when needed. Experience with impromptu speaking can allow a teacher to change their speech or lesson, and adapt in a calm fashion that still gets the necessary message across. In order to be considered a good public speaker in my career as a teacher, I will continue to work to improve my speaking skills. I will do this through practicing the various types of speeches, and speaking in a variety of

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