Should The Government Abolish The Death Penalty?

In the United States the death penalty is the best way to punish someone convicted of first degree murder. The law believes that this act will bring families of the victim’s at peace, and that they will be able to sleep at night; knowing that the person who took their love one’s life has been put to death. In actuality these families will never live the same again, and they will never look at life the same; dealing with death is a personal experience and the state executing someone will not do anything to make the process better. Capital punishment in no shape or form solves this tragic issue; murders have been committing murders for years. This way of punishment has been carried on through centuries, since one could be executed for stealing …show more content…
(‘Death Penalty Information Center’). Putting the right murder in a high level security prison is more likely to keep citizens safe and save taxpayers money; which may defer poverty in the U.S. The cost alone should give more than enough reason for the government to abolish the death penalty, the funds should be put towards crime prevention; not criminal inspiration. With trial fees, attorney fees, and high top level of security needed, each death row inmate cost about $ 1Million dollars per case. (“Death Penalty Information Center’). This piece of information refers back to the point that the death penalty is another way for the United States to kill off its population, this system is clearly involving economics. It would be smarter economic wise to commute all death row sentences over to life in prison terms. Its seems as though because of the cost of trials, other fees, and room &board, the government believes that its more cost efficient to send these citizens to the gas chamber. There are over 3,000 states prisoners on death row today; which means by the end of the year over 50 inmates will be executed. (Death Penalty, p.1, 2015 Capital punishment forces the government to have to hire more law enforcement, however the 31 states with the death penalty continues to have the highest murder rates. (ACLU).) Capital punishment only gives false security to the public eye, the system tries to make the public believe that they are safer with these individuals underground. This is a misconception of what the death penalty really does for their citizens, they attempt to make the public believe that this form of punishment will make murders apprehensive to committing these crimes. The death penalty is an insufficient policy towards homicide

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