Shooter's Arguement For The Death Penalty

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A man was on the street and got shot. He was caught in the middle of gunfire and was shot and killed.
His family is very sad because he did not do anything to deserve this. I believe that the man who shot him should be killed to the death penalty for his actions. The shooter claims that he did not mean to shoot him and should not be killed. The state were the shooting took place does not have a death penalty. The reason why I want the death penalty is because it will cost the state for 50 years to keep the shooter alive in a prison. It would be cheaper to kill the shooter then keeping him alive for 50 years.
States around the countries have argued all around the world if capital punishment is necessary. Some states say that it is against the 8th amendment and others disagree. Recently more states are going to the death penalty such as Florida, Utah, California, and Kentucky. As different faith groups have different
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When yopu keep the criminals alive if there prison sentence is short they can get out of prison and go kill another person if we had death penalty in those states without it this would never happen. As the criminals are getting away and staying alive and killing more people. having the death penalty will be safer for not just citizens but the other prisoners in the prison also, there has been killings inside prisons all the time with these crazy mad people if we had death penalty this would also never happen. "An overwhelming majority of Americans support a death penalty for those--and only those--who deserve to die.” Most people think that the capital punishment is not necessary because it is cruel and unnecessary but once they saw the outcome and saw how much the death penalty can make us safer and not be scared to go to unsafe and dangerous

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