Essay Writing : Writing And Instant Messaging

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English 101 and section, 09.10.2014, Paper 1
For this assignment, I decided to choose the two writing genres: essay writing and instant messaging (such as Facebook and MSN when that was still around). I chose these two types of writing as they are what I have spent almost all my time writing. However, they are so different that they are close to being opposites of one another. There are many reasons for these distinct differences, one being the interest in the act of actually writing the piece, another is the atmosphere the piece is written in and hence how the writer feels when producing their work. However, there are some similarities as well.
The differences in essay writing and online chatting are very self-evident, in fact, you’ve most likely thought of a lot of differences between them. However these differences have affected how I see writing.
Whereas essay writing is often a task that is set unto you by others, instant messaging is something that one does at his or her own leisure. For this reason, that you are writing not because you want to but because you have to, is what makes writing essays for school such a boring task.
Before getting on social media; like Facebook, skype and even MSN, I would never write. This lead to poor writing skills at the time, which then led to struggling in essay writing, and made me not want to write anything. Even today, I don’t like to write or read and it is my least favorite part of my studies.
However, when I started using…

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