Essay On Women's Role In Ww2

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Some don’t see the importance of women during World War I and World War II. However, after looking at the roles and jobs women performed the importance and appreciation of women should be seen. Women were very important, but they were not well appreciated by the roles that they completed. In World War I and II they worked jobs that were typically done by men such as welding, architecture, and enlistment in the army. Women's roles changed swiftly because of the war, and they had to accommodate quickly. When men went off to war women took more responsibility than ever. Women played roles to help and support the war: not only working in households, they also had to take over running farms, and growing much needed food. While they took on these new duties they also still cooked, washed, sewed, knitted, and nursed. Women held important roles throughout World War I, World War II, and they proved to be extremely important during this time period.
Prior to World War I women were
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The United States entered the World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Women power again was in demand and women's roles continued to change tremendously. In America Wars prior to World War II, there had been a discussion and opposition to using women in the armed forces. As men went off to World War II, women were needed for non-combat jobs such as switchboard operators, telegraphers, mechanics, and drivers. More than one hundred thousand women served in the women's Army Corps later became known as the Women's Army Corps, and also joined the United States Navy. The women in the wars effort was proven to be victorious and they left an everlasting mark on American society. World War II women faced the greatest challenges of trying to gain recognition and serve their country in more ways than they had in previous years. Women became comfortable with the roles as they changed in World War

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