Essay On Women Discrimination In Sports

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Are women being discriminated in sports? Do women and men get the same credit for the sport they play? Do you think its fair for men to get more credit then women? You'll soon find out how many women are being discriminated in the sports they play. Even though many laws have ended some discrimination for women, a lot of women are still being discriminated for the sport they play.
Sports discrimination happens mostly to Women. Research states that women and girls are usually not as good as men and boys in sports. In 1972 law prohibiting sex discrimination in institutions was released. Before that law women were banned from playing some sports. For example the sport of soccer. In 1921 in England women were banned from playing on
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But not just women are discriminated, also men. Olympic athletes say that coaches would favor small groups of athletes while others were mistreated. Id say people ignore the problem of discrimination or make excuses for them not to fix the problem.
Discrimination for women mostly happens because people dont believe women should not play the sport or dont know how to play the sports right. Rules in Women sports tend to be lighter than in men sports because of that. Women also have different set of rules and distances and game time. Some sports pay more money to men than to women for playing the same sport.
Including that they charge more money to watch men play then women. For the Women's Fifa world cup pay imbalances that have the US women's soccer team taking home only 2 million in prize money compared to the 35 million awarded to Germanys mens team last year. Even in news women aren't given the same about of coverage as men. Espn only gives 2% of time in its sports center coverage to women athletics. Child logic is that generally women and girls just aren't as good as men and boys in sports. But professional wrestling is making a change.

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