Wind Energy Essay

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Wind energy was first created as early as the fourth century when Egyptians used wind to propel sailboats on the Nile River. Later in the ancient times, the windmills converted wind into mechanical power which was used to pump water and mill grain. During the twelfth century, post mills came about in England and France. These wooden machines were rotated by hand. In the fourteenth century, the tower mill was developed. This was a sturdier and larger windmill. The blades faced the wind and the grain would drop down into the base for storage. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, windmills have played an essential role in the United States. The windmills that were first built in the United States were built in the western and Great Plains …show more content…
Wind energy is a clean and efficient way for our country to make electricity. Wind turbines emit no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases while they are producing electricity. Building and maintaining wind turbines costs money but no one pays for the wind itself. When using fossil fuels the prices may vary depending on the availability of the fossil fuel, but wind is a free fuel so wind power prices do not go through price fluctuations. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy industries are more labor-intensive. Therefore, wind turbine can also create new jobs in rural communities. These jobs may include manufacturing, construction and installation, operations and maintenance, and transportation. In addition to creating new jobs, using renewable energy also offers local governments to collect property and income taxes and other payments from renewable energy project owners. The last advantage of wind turbines is that they come in different sizes to meet different needs. Big turbines can size all the way up to 20-storys high, unlike smaller turbines to supply only a few houses can be about 30 feet tall. There are not only advantages to wind turbines but there are also some disadvantages. These may include noise complaints in some neighborhoods. Wind turbines can also kill many animals including birds and bats, because of the major force from the wind turbines blades. The bat or bird may also die from the spinning of the blades which cause changes in air pressure as they move, which can essentially cause the animals lungs to

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