Essay On Why Tobacco Should Be Illegal

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Illegalizing Tobacco
Russel Staples One of the earth’s biggest killers isn’t a bacteria or virus. The latest pandemic you see in the news does not compare to this deadly issue. With 5 million deaths across the world yearly as a result of this substance, you would think people would be cautious of this poison, yet it lures people in with the promises of fitting in and being cool. People think they can control themselves, yet once they take it, it can control their lives. The worst part about this killer is the fact that you can find it at your local convenience store. Tobacco destroys lives and kills people, and should be illegal. Tobacco began in early America. Native Americans, unwary of its danger, grew tobacco and smoked it in pipes. When
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No matter how much the cigarette companies attempted to hide this evidence through broken promises and false claims, people started to gain knowledge of tobacco’s connection to lung cancer. Many tobacco companies promised customers that they would stop production if any evidence arose of cigarettes being harmful. Even though the companies denied the claims of cigarettes being harmful, they created new “safer” cigarettes, like filtered and low-tar cigarettes.
After centuries of being kept in the dark about the harmful effects of tobacco, the U.S government published the Surgeon General’s report on Smoking and Health. This helped the government regulate cigarette sale and advertisement. After companies realize that customers have discovered the harmful effects of tobacco, they start trying to find new ways to get money. They take the word “Tobacco” out of their name so people stop associating them with the cigarettes, which are receiving negative press in the media at the time. Then they diversify their products by buying into companies with products such as
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They move to developing countries in the middle-east and Asia, and prey on the less-wary. Marlboro and In recent years, secret evidence and documents are being unearthed from old tobacco factories. They hint that the tobacco industry learned that cigarettes are killer long before it was publicly discovered. Tobacco companies continue to pay adolescents in foreign countries to smoke, and market cigarettes to young people both inside America and outside America with candy-flavored cigarettes.
It’s a common story among modern smokers; they want to stop, but just can’t. They started a long time ago to fit in or to try something new, and continue to waste money and years of their life on a poison that can be stopped. Placing numerous restrictions on cigarettes and raising the prices of cigarettes is simply not enough. A ban is what is needed. If a ban is created, it will take time to heal the scar tobacco created. A new generation, however, will be raised knowing for sure about cigarettes and the fatal consequences of

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