Rise Of The Industrial Age And The Progressive Age

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Rise of the Industrial Age to The Progressive Age
“Tobacco kills 5 million people annually. By the mid-2020s, that figure will increase to about 10 million a year, with most of the deaths occurring in developing countries” (Yach, & Wipfli, (2006), p.465).
Tobacco is highly addictive and is used all over the world. It is a plant Nicotiana tabacum which uses the leaves for chewing tobacco, ground to make snuff, and for smoking such as cigars, pipes and cigarettes.
In our reading, we find that the American Indians were already using tobacco. John Rolfe was one of the new settlers that came from England to Virginia in 1610. Two years later he wanted to see what would happen if he grew a crop of tobacco from a milder
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If tobacco had never been found and sold, I might not have had my profession. I would be overjoyed to have never known its harmful effects. Professionally, I have an interest in the topic I have chosen because I see the damage tobacco and smoking does in the lives of the smokers, but also the families. I have a personal interest in this topic because my life will never be the same because of tobacco. I was 27 at the time. My parents came to visit often, but on this particular day, my life was changed forever. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had not seen my parents for a few months as my dad had been sick with pneumonia or so we thought. My parents came to the door and immediately I knew my Dad was dying. I remember asking him what the Doctor had said. He told me they were giving him antibiotics, but the pneumonia was not going away. I told him that he needed to seek another opinion or go to a specialist. My Dad finally took my advice and we found he had a 14 cm tumor that was in the right side of his lung. By the time, they found out what was wrong it was too late for treatment. Seven weeks later, 4 days before my father’s 61st birthday and 6 days before my 28th birthday my father passed away. My father had smoked for many

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