Essay On Why I Want To Become A Teacher

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Growing up, I had always wanted to become a teacher. Each year, I would collect more and more “teacher materials” and pretend I had a class full of students. I want to say that this love of teaching stems from my love of being creative and working with people. When asked, “why do you want to become a teacher?” a person may find it harder to explain their answer than you may think. There really is not a simple explanation to why someone wants to do something they love. It is a matter of what they feel in their heart and what they feel they are born to do. Personally, I believe that the simplest answer for why I want to become a teacher is because I know that I have a “teacher personality.” I have been told many times that I should become …show more content…
While they are learning academically, they are also learning how to become an acceptable human being in the society they live in. With this being said, I feel it is quite necessary to approach the task of educating students in a very professional and inspiring manner. While completing my observation in a classroom, I had noticed that the teacher was very organized and orderly in everything she did. I believe this is the best way for students to learn because it is harder to become confused when there is …show more content…
The way a teacher behaves or teaches shows their character and represents a child’s potential “role model.” If a student sees that their teacher is always on their phone, they are going to think that it is acceptable to always be on their cell phones when in reality, that should not be allowed in schools as you are there to learn. While educators ultimately can be who they really are outside of school since they are not on the job, they must try their hardest to keep their personal lives out of the classroom. Things may be going on at home and the stresses are brought to school; while it is indeed difficult to manage your work life and home life, you are ultimately responsible for keeping it under control so that you do not set a bad example for your students. This in turn all comes back to the student’s parents. When their children come home from school, they are then under their parent’s rules. When at school, they are required to listen to their teacher. If the teacher and parents believe in things differently, the student may be somewhat confused. Also, when it comes to the needs of these children, their parents and teachers typically work together in order to meet the child’s needs; communication is key, so parents and their child’s teachers need to communicate as much as they can. Once a student has graduated, they are then sent out into the real world. Teachers help shape

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