Walmart Organizational Behavior

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The organization is a well-known company. It has been brought to my attention about an internal problem at a few Walmart’s stores. I will be visiting the key super center as well as some of the hometown stores. My colleagues and I will be conducting interviews to find out more about the problem. My role will be to help solve this situation. Does motivation effect the productivity in the workplace? Why are the associates so discontent with their current management? This particular Walmart Super Center used to be a great store to work for and even to shop at. Now associates seem as if they are over worked for little pay. Customers would call the Home Office to praise how great of a store they had. Now the customers call them to complain how bad …show more content…
We will find out what their motivation was and use it in their everyday task. The associates who have been there the longest will be able to provide the information that I am looking for. Maybe management is not listening to the associates. The new associates will give us the input in how they are being trained. This problem is related to TCOs, “Given an ineffective individual or team in an organization, evaluate how motivation affects organizational behavior and the achievement of organizational goals.” (Vallera, 2015)

Problem Statement
What do associates dislike about work? Associates are not pleased with the work environment anymore. The atmosphere has drastically changed and not for the best. Ten years ago, every associate was always happy to come to work. Since, associates spent more time working with other associates. They did not see themselves as co-worker, but rather as family. Customers in the local community were so proud of their hometown Super Center. Even customers were able to point out what other stores were doing wrong. I will not use the manager’s real name. Instead, I will call him Roger. After Roger left the store for a higher position with Wal-Mart, everyone knew they would have to adapt with
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Merits were taken away associates disliked their jobs even more. The merits were goals associates wanted to achieve. Time and a half became another issue. It was overtime pay. Most associates who have been longer with Wal-Mart were grandfather in, but the new associates were not so lucky. Associates were able to receive a raise every ninety days upon their job performance. The maximum was .50 cent, but it would go a long way in a small town. That is why the associates dislike their work place more each day. They do not see a bright future as they once did. What can we change? Anything could change as long as the company is willing to make such changes. I do not see this happening any time soon. Wal-Mart is doing their best to keep most part-time or temporary associates to eliminate most of their fulltime associates. What has changed at work? The happy work atmosphere has changed. Associates no longer enjoy their jobs. They feel as, if they are working a production line. It is not what they are used to doing. The productivity level has gone down. We do not see their bright smiles on their faces anymore. Associates feel as, if they are there just to help make money for the assistant manager and

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