Essay On What Happens When The Parents Are Divorced

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Children are the future as many people say. Children, even as young as the age of three are influenced by the actions of others around them. Perhaps the most influential people in a child’s life are the child’s parents. As a child grows and develops, that influence begins to govern a greater area of the person’s life. When time comes to search for a possible mate, often will a person look to their parents for guidance on the matter?
So then what happens when the parents are divorced?Are the children of divorced parents predisposed to divorce, or do they simply choose their own path of marriage?As
Dr. Jane Rosen-Grandon points out, “Children whose parents are divorced may be predisposed to consider the option of divorce more readily”
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If a “father’s involvement with children stems from the meanings and importance they assign the fathers” (Hensley and Pasley 1), what does it say to a child when his or her father walks out and leaves that child behind?
The child is more likely to follow the example of his or her parents because the child knows the ramifications of the mental toile the divorce will have on them due to their previous experience with their own parents’ divorce. The child will rationalize,“My mom and dad are divorced, so I guess getting a divorce is okay.” Because divorce is so readily available in today’s society, when someone goes through a divorce, that person is not looked down upon as he or she might have been in the past decades. Themental and emotional constraints are not present. The mental worry of which parent the child will live with is not prevalent any more due to shared custody laws that protect both the mother and the father.
As a child grows up in the shadows of divorce, that child will set up an emotional process of self doubt in many different areas of his or her own life. When people fear failure, they cannot come to the point of self-actualization. That is, when people are
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As children grow, they need a father figure in theirlife. Ronald Rohner, director of the Center for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection in the School of Family
Studies at the university of Connecticut, says that “A father’s love –or lack of it –is a critical yet understudied factor in child development” (qtd. In Thompson, par. 2). When the physical aspect of a father, or a mother for that matter, is not around, the child will learn how to adjust to the parent he or she chooses to live with. Take for instance, if a girl, whose parents had been divorced, lived with her mother her whole adolescent life and never saw her father, when she married, the girl would have a horrible time learning how to live with a man for the first time. She would have to adjust to the odd noises that a man can make, as well as the sight of sports equipment everywhere. While this may seem like something small to some, this can be a great deal to someone who has never physically lived with the other gender before. Therefore, when a child of divorced parents comes to a hardplace with having to adjust to the stress of living with the

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