Irish Correctional System Essay

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Each country has their individual correctional systems. They each have their own ways of operating and functioning that may be different from the correctional system in the United States. The system we will focus on is that of the Irish correctional system. The points that will be focused on will be the differences in what is seen as contraband, what type of visitation the inmates are allowed to have, and what type of prison systems each countries runs off of. You never know what goes on behind the metaphorical closed doors of other countries until you knock and take a peak in. Exploring a countries differences gives and awesome insight into what another country has going on and how differently they operate from other countries.
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In the majority of U.S. prisons, visitation is done in a few different ways. Some married inmates can be eligible for conjugal visits, there are also facilities that only have visits through plate glass booths, over CCTV connections, and contact visits in open rooms. There are not many other types of visitation within U.S. prisons, but there are other options for inmates in Switzerland have that is not common, if it exist at all, in the U.S. One of these options includes supervised holidays. This type of visitation is where “certain categories of prisoners are granted the privilege of visiting their families for 8 to 24 hours” (Cavan, R., & Zemans, E.). It gives the inmates a chance to interact, outside of prison walls, with their family. It gives that socialization and comforting human contact needed to not withdraw from normal societal behavior (Cavan, R., & Zemans, E.). The methods of socializing the inmates that each country uses in their prison systems are different, but they each meet the same goal. The different types of visitations are privileges given to those inmates who have been deemed eligible, by the prison officials and their crimes that can easily be taken away due to rule infractions and behavioral issues. Each country has their own type of madness as to how they wish to socialize their inmates, but their methods are the key to its success

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