Victorian Era Dress History

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My object is found at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England, filed under no. T. 113-1964. It is from the 19th century to early 20th century, around the 1800s, and is made for a woman. It is a deep purple color, and is made of satin. It is a dress of the Victorian age, one of the many styles that went in and out of fad during that time. This particular dress was a style going on during 1860s-1890, at the beginning of the time the fullness of the very large crinoline, a stiffened petticoat or rigid skirt-shaped structure of steel designed to support the skirts of a woman 's dress into the required shape, was moved to the back of the skirt and trailed behind the wearer. A decade later a bustle gathered and made its way on to the back …show more content…
Those of the working class would be made at home or bought from a shop then altered themselves. Though a strange things was, that the quality of the the textile wasn 't as important as the quality of the make of the dress. These frilly, overdone dresses that kept up with the rest of the Victorian era, were made to be very tight and very, very uncomfortable. It even affected the way one sat, walked, and the very body language she used. the corset and bodice were the main culprits in this, as well as the fashion of wearing pointed shoes, along with stockings and accessories. Men on the other hand were an opposite fashion trend then then the woman. While the style was still formal and stiff, they lacked color as most were made in neutral colors. The main pieces of an outfit would be the waistcoats, trousers, smoking coats, cumberbunds, ties and shirts. Three piece suits were more popular, and a blazer could be worn with casual pants for hunting or sports event. Shirts were made from the finest textiles and were mostly white, though could be of the more natural colors. The shoes worn boots for casual attire and shorter heeled shoes for more formal occasions. A hat was normally wore with them, a top hat for formal situations, and for every day styles it could be straw or flatter styled hat, mostly when out vacationing

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