Negative Effects Of The Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance was the first pro-black movement that was not criticized or shamed upon by whites. It was the upcoming of African Americans' heritage after slavery. It also outlined the bravery of blacks, the conquering of oppression, and the presence of individuality during the 1920s. It transformed black culture as a whole and is worthy of recognition throughout history. This was the turning point in African American heritage in America , celebrating black culture.
Coming from slavery , African Americans were devastated by the heritage being completely destroyed or assimilated. After the passing of the 13th amendment freeing all slaves, as happy as most African Americans were hearing the news , people were lost and broken. With a
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Men were fancy and women were more free. Clothing such as Flapper dress and Cloche Hats became really high in fashion while the common suits for the males. Not only did fashion express an individual as a person, but it also represented their social status (History).
Key Leader throughout the Harlem Renaissance originally sparked the civil rights movement. W.E.B DuBois founder of the NAACP and Marcus Garvey founder of the UNIA and led the “Back to Africa” movement sparked it all with a strong approach to how this peaceful and happy life most of the black people in Harlem are living should be like this across the states. Some other think that the Harlem Renaissance had many negative effects. Many thought African americans were just stealing the culture of whites but that is very incorrect. The Harlem Renaissance was about individuality and doing what you wanted to do and this we did (USHistory).
Without the joyful and peaceful experience of The Harlem Renaissance, and it not being the turning point in African American heritage in America , celebrating black culture, would we still be living the life we are today ? The Harlem Renaissance paved the way for the black community in this modern era. This will be the era that actually sparks change and equality for African Americans in

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