Essay On Veterinary Medicine

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Data analysis

It is clear that there is still plenty of room for improvement in the field of veterinary medicine in many different areas. One of the most important areas where improvement is needed is when it has to do with anesthesia, the animals undergoing a surgical procedure, and the staff who is responsible to care for these animals. There are many different reasons as to why this area is lacking the same quality of care that other areas might have. One of the specific problems appears to be lack of skill in some of the staff members, including the veterinarians and the surgery technician responsible for monitoring the animals that are under anesthesia. This is caused by the hiring of recent veterinary students and non- credential staff
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With any anesthetic procedure done on an animal, it needs to be a requirement that all staff is trained. Going forward, the veterinary community needs to work together to ensure that they are not allowing untrained staff to be responsible for a patient who is undergoing an anesthetic procedure. This study has shown that lack of staff training is the number one cause for anesthetic-related issues that occur in veterinary medicine.

Going forward, there are easy steps that could be done to help fix the problem of lack of staff training. Two of the things that could help, is ensuring every hospital has at least one licensed technician on staff that is responsible for monitoring anesthesia and for helping to train other staff members about anesthesia safety.
Proper staff training on all aspects of anesthesia is something else that could help to drastically reduce the number of complications that occur. This could be easily accomplished by simple in-house or on-line training methods. There are many online courses that are designed to teach people about proper anesthetic

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