The Importance Of Anaesthetic Nursing Practice

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The Grattan Institute strongly suggested the anaesthetic nursing practice must be taken into present day demand. The basic nursing practice in the anaesthetic nursing profession must rise from assistant to the anaesthetist to a nurse anaesthetist providing health care services focusing on the medical model of care. This will enable our anaesthetic nurses to help create solutions to our health care services by providing competent and affordable anaesthetic care services. Advancement of anaesthetic nursing practice will arrange a resolution to cut the cost of health care services, resolve the long waiting list specifically for patients who are waiting to have surgery and other diagnostic procedures where anaesthesia is required. The importance …show more content…
The present roles and responsibilities of anaesthetic nurses clearly defined anaesthetic nurses as registered nurse assistant to the anaesthetist, moreover, in Australia, there is no nurse practitioner in anaesthetic. There are considerable established postgraduate anaesthetic nursing courses offered by different universities and health institutions but these courses has never provided significant success advancing the practice of anaesthetic nursing in the country, instead it brought in confusion as to what course is required amongst the courses offered by universities, furthermore these courses are not strictly required by employers nor considered as an advantage to have …show more content…
This interest is contrast to general knowledge because most anaesthetic nurses have undergone the perioperative graduate nursing program. The programmed includes rotations to all areas perioperative department including scrub scouts, anaesthetic, recovery and other diagnostic theatres (Education for Practice in Queensland EPiQ Transition Program Perioperative Nursing, 2011).

The challenges anaesthetic technicians are raising proceeds to questions to who owned the practice of anaesthetic assistant; these continuous pressure to anaesthetic nurses from the leaders of anaesthetic technicians are a strong indication that anaesthetic nursing practice is clearly facing great issues. Pursuing this further, this paper would like to define the role and responsibilities of the anaesthetic technicians. The anaesthetic technician 's main role and responsibilities are, to prepare and check all the equipment and machines necessary to provide and monitor the patient during surgery while receiving anaesthesia. Ensuring anaesthetic equipment is functioning and clean. Anaesthetic technicians are also expected to prepare drugs, intravenous

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