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The Push: Project Coordinator – Social Media and Online Content

Jessica Morris and the fulfillment of Key Selection Criteria

1. Suitable experience in developing and coordinating social media campaigns.

As a freelancer, I have headed numerous social media campaigns. In my role as the Media Coordinator for the non-profit Hope Movement, I have established our social media and online presence from the embryonic stages, and have used numerous campaigns and regular content to develop a rich online presence and community. This has taken place on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and our blog.

Key campaigns include ‘The Storytellers,’ Merch Mondays, content for World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day. This role requires
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I am clear, concise and well articulated, while also being friendly and positive. I know how to gather the information I need quickly, while also tapping into the heart and emotion behind a person in order to best write content that will promote their event, project or music.

6. Disciplined time management and project coordination skills

Time management and project coordination is essential in my career. As a freelancer I balance numerous jobs, interviews and deadlines simultaneously, and I am practiced in squeezing in new tasks, prioritising my work, and producing high quality content no matter how short a deadline I am working with. I value a quick turnaround, and am experienced in following up different facets of my work in order to achieve the best outcome possible. I am able to delegate effectively, while also taking direction and contributing to team morale so we stay on course.

7. The Employee agrees to submit and successfully complete a Working with Children Check

I currently have a Volunteers Working with Children’s Check, and I have previously had an Employment WCC when I worked in school administration. I agree to submit and successfully complete a WCC.

8. Proficiency with Mailchimp or other email marketing
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I love that youth culture projects act as equalisers in our society, and am excited by the opportunity that exists to tap into the unique facets of each community and what motivates them. In particular, I am excited at the prospect of engaging them creatively, and inspiring them in their musical pursuits.

11. Knowledge of the Australian contemporary music scene and its issues.

As a journalist, it is my job to be all over the Australian contemporary music scene. I have established contacts with numerous artists, managers and publicists, and stay up to date with the challenges that face the industry. My time networking with music industry professional on the gig scene in Melbourne has taught me the value of loyalty, enthusiasm and initiative. I also frequently interview musicians (predominantly for Forte magazine), and this gives me an evolving appreciation and understanding of their craft and the structures they work

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