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Headline: Adenoidectomy Risks and Recovery

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Page Description: Adenoidectomy is a surgery performed by surgeons to remove adenoids. Adenoids are located behind the nasal passages and get enlarged due to throat infections. There are risks during the surgery and recovery period. Patients should consult the doctor and take proper guidance.


Adenoidectomy is a surgery performed to remove the adenoids which are mass of lymphoid tissues. The adenoids are present behind the nasal passages. They are responsible for producing antibodies helpful for fighting against infections. The adenoids get enlarged due to frequent infections that affect the throat. This surgical
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Then the surgeon removes the adenoid gland using curette which is a spoon shaped tool. Electricity may be used by some surgeons as another method to heat and remove the adenoids. Absorbent material can be used for controlling bleeding due to the surgical procedure.

Risks of Adenoidectomy Surgery

There are risks involved in every surgery. Hence, this surgery also has some risks associated with it. Risks of adenoidectomy may include complications that are life threatening. Risks are there during the surgery and during the recovery period also. Before the surgery, parents of the children should be informed about the risks. They can consult the doctor about the possible risks and complications of the surgery. Risks that may cause complications can be reduced by simply changing lifestyles. Some of the common risks associated with surgery are:

• Bleeding
• Infection
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Recovery from adenoidectomy surgery also depends upon the individual. After three weeks, physical activities such as walking and swimming can be resumed.

• Over the counter medications such as ibuprofen and paracetamol can be used to get recovery from pain associated with adenoidectomy.
• Antibiotics can also be helpful after the surgery to get recovery from pain.
• Placing an ice collar on the front of child’s neck can help in reducing swelling and recovery from pain.
• Consumption of plenty of fluids is very beneficial for patients after adenoidectomy. This helps in recovery by treating dehydration.
• Taking rest at home is recommended during recovery after adenoidectomy.
• Eating a light and soft diet is recommended to the child for recovery after adenoidectomy.
• The child should not consume hot liquids for several days.

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