Long Vacation Research Paper

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It's the first day I work after the long vacation. I woke up rather easily, since I've been getting up at the same hour throughout the holidays. I felt sad about my knees, because I expected them to get better after getting rest for a week.

My teacher called me. She didn't show ant intention to follow the ordinary routine, questioning about my vacation and how I feel. Consequently, I didn't have that much oppoortunity to talk, but I don't have any grudge on that. I've read two articles in advance, since we ended up not using them as topics for two classes. I don't know how I should prepare for the next class, due to the progress.

My boss gave a long speech at the morning team meeting. I'm rather surprised by the fact that he still believes
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My boss asked when I can finish it. I had no idea how much it will take, so I just glossed over. If the patent our team submitted few weeks ago make it through feasibility assessment, I won't obliged to write it, but the process will take time and I suppose my boss wants it done far sooner than that.

Mr. Lee brought two dishful of rice cakes. I don't want to eat too much, but I think I shouldn't look inside the mouth of a gift horse. I enjoyed several pieces of them, which made me energizied instantly. I have no Idea how much should I eat in order to maintain or gradually decrease my weight. The best approach might be not caring too much. Given the fact that I don't buy thing I can eat, I will be in safe ground even if I don't pay that much attention on it.

I'm figuring out how I will buy two meals before and after next month's training. If I bring too much money or debit card, I might end up spending the money buying thing, since I have to get right back to home without an opportunity to stow them in my bureau. I think I should bring a single ten thousand won bill, which will sufficient for buying two meals. But there's a problem. Ten thousand won is slightly more than what I need. If there is an excess change, I might end up buying a pail of cookies if I can't refrain myself. I think I should find a way to break down the bill into five thousand won one, which will be just enough to buy two
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He wanted me to add several more images to make it fancier. I haven't tried any of that, making algorithm and other stuffs. He told me to sent the patent during the afternoon, as he has to go a business trip. I kinda envy his enthusiasm, since I have none. It's Friday and he is gone, so everyone in my team looks lively and innerved. Some of my colleagues wanted to go outside to eat, but others didn't. As a result, the former summoned a cap to get out, because none of them has a car.

I got paid today. I thought that I will be wired during the weekend, but they just remitted the money today. I don;t understand why, but I'm not complaining. The ballance hit twenty million won, if I count the money I have to get back from my sister. I sent her a few messages to ask how she is doing. She told me that she prefer Clinton over Trump, and her monthly bills are tormenting her, as she purchased a new car and a phone months ago. I hope she can get

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