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Teenage Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is one of the largest socially controversial issues in the majority of first world countries like America. However, in many other countries, teenage pregnancy is a normal occurrence, if not obligatory. In several other countries women are expected to be married and a mother before the age of 20. In America, the teenage years are viewed as a time for growing and learning, not raising a child. Therefore, when a teen gets pregnant in the current day and age, they are scolded, shunned, and looked down upon. Despite the common dislike towards teenage pregnancy, according to statistics from 2006, the estimated teen pregnancy rate in America is 71.5 pregnancies per 1,000 girls from age 15 to 19. Just as teenage …show more content…
Therefore, many teenage girls go through a very tough struggle to figure out what to do for themselves and/or their babies. Many feel like either way the situation is handled, their life will become very difficult for them or their babies . Two questions remain in the end: One, what is the stigma on teen pregnancy, and how should the situation be handled?
Teenage pregnancy in the United States is looked down upon by society. One may ask, why are many so against this? Well the answer lies within several different reasons. For starters, in the current American society, teenagers are looked at as people who are still developing emotionally and lack in the financial ability to take care of another life. Most teenage girls who get pregnant are still attending high school and live and depend on their parental guardians to any degree.
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In delicate situations such as teenage pregnancy, there is not one mold each and every person can fall into. Many teenagers are unaware of the responsibility, time, and finances required to raise a child, and cannot themselves provide a bright future for that child. For the most part, either the fetus could be aborted or the baby can be put up for adoption. Adoption is the least common way many teen moms deal with the situation. Giving up a baby for adoption can affect both the child and mother’s life. A mother may feel like she has saved the future of her baby and confident that they made the right choice. However, another may feel like they have let a part of themselves go and regret giving away their child even though they know it was a wise decision. Adopted children display a variety of effects. Many grow up like any other child, well-adjusted and stable. Others feel lost and displaced. Others have problems with intimacy because the feeling of rejection they get from thinking their own mother didn’t want them. However, open adoption is an option that many mothers gravitate towards. Although the child isn’t legally theirs, they are still able to see their child and communicate with them. Open adoptions also help the children understand their parents better and create a close bond with each other. However, closed adoptions are thought to help the

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