Essay On Strategic Dependent Variables

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Register to read the introduction… The tactical dependent variable will be the PALT that has moved to the right, each procurement not meeting milestones because of a lack of adequate manpower to respond to them.

Population The population is the acquisition workforce for Robins Air Force Base. More importantly we are concerned with the reduction of the population and how this will effect the acquisition process. The parameter to be estimated is the total Procurement Acquisition Lead Time to put a requirement on contract. The increase in lead time to contract is the concern of the overall Management dilemma. Type of Sampling Non-Probabilistic: Snowball Sampling will be used: This is the best methodology , each where the information we are trying to collect and measure may be difficult to identify and may be best located the the experienced observer. It is also especially appropriate for qualitative studies. Since checking the current contract writing systems and record management systems may not capture the full efforts tasked by acquisition personnel. There are many other qualitative measurements that may need to be identified, not all acquisition tasks confined to Contract Solicitations, Awards, and Modifications. There are other tasks like negotiations and acquisition planning that can not be captured buy the contract writing system nor the record
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1 being no change in procurement lead time, 2 being little change, 3 being moderate, and 4 being a significant change. The data collected will be ordinal. Using the ASC/PK team is valid because they have a significant Experience Level as an observer: This will provide the ability to extract the most from an observatory study. They will have the capability to discern between factual information being measured and inflated information. They are reliable because they do not have a biased opinion since the study will not reflect coworkers or workload for their base and can be trusted to accurately and precisely rate the collected data. Using the team from Wright Patterson will be practical because of their proximity from Robins to Wright Patterson which would require minimal travel

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