Essay On Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Connected Text Essay: Othello and To Kill a Mockingbird


The theatrical drama Othello by William Shakespeare and the book-adapted film To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee have many contrasting and similar ideas. The treatment of race within the both stories is a main idea, but this ideal also has its differences and similarities. Firstly the main similarity is the stories both has the concept of a black individual within a society predominantly controlled by white individuals. Secondly is the relationship of how both Othello and Tom Robinson both face injustice at the end of the play/book-adapted film. Lastly is the big difference, although both Othello and Tom Robinson live in the same white dominated world unlike Tom Robinson Othello has power, a higher status than most white individuals. Tom Robinson contrastingly does not have any power, and is considered the lowest in society unlike Othello.

The prevalent similarity between Othello and To Kill a Mockingbird is the concept of a black individual in a society where white individuals are considered dominant. In this society the black minority experiences severe unprovoked racism. Othello is set in sixteenth century in Venice and Cyprus, To kill a Mockingbird is set during the early 1930’s; two very different time periods that have this similar theme. During the time of Othello racism wasn’t uncommon, but people who were different were treated with prejudice. In Othello racism is experienced early as Act 1…

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