Islam Five Pillars

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Every religion has a certain way of showing their commitment to their religion. For example, some do not eat certain foods, others have scars to show loyalty and much more. Islam worshipers go by the Five Pillars to show their dedication of commitment of their part to the religion. Each of those pillars are five significant ways they worship and show faith.
The first pillar is Shahadah also known as the creed. To be able to call yourself a muslim one has to truthfully say "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammed is his messenger." (Muck). This sort of statement is a confession of faith to the god and the prophet but the shahadah goes beyond just saying a statement but finding a way to show that the faith is true through living your life a muslim ("Don 't Know Much About Islam?").
The second pillar is the prayer Salat. This prayer is done five times a day: At
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Almsgiving is when one is to donate to Allah. This is a kind of offereing given to the Mosque or community (Musk). Another way Almsgiving can be potrayed is giving to the poor. Almsgiving is a way of growing the community, a way to bring the community together and stonger .
The last pillar is to make a prilgimage to Mecca which can be can be called Hajj. In a muslims life the one thing that should be done but is not forced upon is to visit Mecca (Burrell). Hajjhas to be done during the first ten days of the last month of the muslim year. One would visit the sacred moque in mecca and walk around the Cubic figure called the Ka 'ba which where ever one is praying they pray in the direction of the Ka 'ba ("Don 't Know Much About Islam").
These five pillars are a way that a muslim lives there lives. These pillars signifys there Faith and commitment to Allah. In order of showing the faith its their reward of going to heaven and being accepted by Allah. These five pillars is one aspect that seems to be very challenging to most but a way to make a good character out of a

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