Value Of Benevolence And Refeerence In Islam And Confucianism

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Ethics are particularly important in both Islam and Confucianism. Hadith, the Islam classic about words and actions of Muhammad, elaborates various ethical rules and teachings. In Confucianism, Analects also feature discussions about ethics as a major subject.
The central value of Confucianism is Ren, a concept of benevolence and altruism. Ren is the basic virtue, and is also the goal of being righteous. The idea can be elaborated into filial piety, royalty, reciprocity, respect, forgiveness, honesty, diligence, and kindness. Filial piety is the deference towards parents, and is often placed before with love towards brothers. Confucius once taught about balancing between challenging and obedience, that “in serving his father and mother a man may gently remonstrate with them. But if he sees that he has failed to change their opinion, he should resume an attitude of deference and not thwart them.” (Analects IV, 18) Royalty, reciprocity and forgiveness are related ideas about treating others as one would to one’s self. The active aspect of these concepts is to benefit others when in an advantageous position. As Confucius said, “Now the Ren man, wishing to be established himself, seeks also that others are established; wishing to be successful himself, seeks also that others are successful.” (Analects VI, 28) Honesty is strongly advocated in
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It’s the way to gain trust, and should be observed in any situation, as illustrated in Confucius’ words “Wealth and rank are what every man desires; but if they can only be retained to the

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