Essay On Planned Parenthood V. Wade

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There is a big debate in America on whether abortions should be legal or not. While both sides have valid points, the decision to be pro-choice comes naturally to me. Abortions should be legal in America throughout the duration of the pregnancy, regardless of the reasons as to why a woman might want this procedure. An abortion refers to purposely terminating a pregnancy. In 1971 a supreme court case came about called Roe v. Wade. A woman named Roe wanted to receive an abortion, but the state she lived in, Texas, would not allow her to have one unless it was life threatening to her (US History). The decision concluded that the right to an abortion is protected by the fourteenth amendment, and during the first trimester a women has the option …show more content…
Wade left it up to states to put their own provisions on abortions, some controversy came about. In 1991 a court case named Planned Parenthood v. Casey was held in the Supreme Court, and made some adjustments to state laws regarding abortions. It started because in some sates there were strict conditions put in place in order for a woman to receive an abortion (Whitman). In Pennsylvania, if a woman is not eighteen years old yet, she must get parental consent or go talk to a judge to give her permission. A married woman must inform her spouse of the decision, and 24-hour waiting period was put in place before the procedure (Whitman). This case put in a new standard as to how valid some of the conditions were, and if it would cause women to have an undue burden, which means unnecessary obstacles that prolong the abortion, and let the fetus/embryo, grow even more (Whitman). In the United States today, the case of Roe v. Wade still mainly dictates abortion laws. Abortions are legal in the first trimester, which starts the first day after a women’s last period till 12 weeks, but the US states have the power to put restrictions up against abortions. Some restrictions include parental consent, 24-hour waiting periods, counseling before the abortion, and the states can dictate at which point in the pregnancy they will no longer allow a woman to receive an abortion (US

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