Essay On Ocean Pollution

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Ocean pollution has been a problem since 1950 and is still a problem to this very day. Over 80% of pollution is coming from land based activities. Pollution divides itself into different categories which are: Oil spills, Fertilizers, Seas of Garbage, Plastics, Sewage Disposal, and Toxic Chemicals. Current theories and research on Ocean Pollution indicate that oceans have been treated as a giant disposal for all types of garbage. If we continue to treat our ocean like a giant disposal our largest resource will no longer be useful. There are many solutions that can be done to take care of the ocean that include people coming together and using the government's power. People have yet to realize how threatening and hazardous it is to be polluting our oceans. The ocean is took into consideration now that we don’t have much left. For instance people are now starting to realize how much stress the ocean's ecosystem is currently in. All of the pollution that …show more content…
Oil spills are also very harmful. Not only do oil spills harm the animals but the harm the entire marine environment. Sewage disposal is also harmful. All of the toxins that are in the sewage travel through ponds, lakes, rivers and end up in the ocean creating toxic algal blooms. These algal blooms are very harmful, if any animal makes contact with the blooms they are either contaminated or the die instantly. Harmful algal blooms have severely harmed human health, aquatic ecosystems and environments.
All of the different categories of pollution are all relevant to each other, the ones stated previously are the ones that have been proven to hurt the ocean the most. Pollution has been around long enough for people to think there is only a harm but no solvency. That is why we continue to not care about the ocean and all the wonderful benefits it gives us. That is also why we continue to not only hurt our ocean but all of the animals that live in

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