Argumentative Essay: War Is Good For The Economy

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Did you know that in the last 13 years that the U.S. has been in the Iraq war, the government has spent over 800 Billion US dollars. Most Americans believe that war is generally good for the economy, but studies have realized the opposite. Economists argue that money spent on war could be spent on better things such as, education, transportation, growing the economy and job creation. Another negative impact of war is the environment. Likewise environmentalists argue that the environment is often “a silent casualty of war”. Therefore war does not outweigh the economic and environmental sacrifices and is not a viable option to end conflict. Some believe war is good for the economy because it creates job opportunities but as we look deeper …show more content…
Karl Mathiesen states in the article, “What 's the Environmental Impact of Modern War?” ,“The US bombed Iraq with 340 tons of missiles containing depleted uranium,” although the US has rejected this and said that no studies have ever proved that the uranium is bad there (The depleted Uranium Threat). They don’t want to admit that it’s a real issue and radioactive poisoning is deadly. However, the most deadly is the water where the water supply has been “contaminated by oil from military vehicles and depleted uranium from the ammunition”. Reports from the local Afghans talk about that the air pollution killing more than the actual war. One journalist, Gellerman, interviewed one Afghan man by the name of, Hamdard, who explains that “wherever you travel on the highways you see these oil tankers that have been set on fire. This can cause the toxic pollution of natural habitats and wildlife from these fires by insurgents”. Humans sometimes have this idea that whatever we do to the environment won’t affect us. Americans worry more about saving lives through military means then worry about the environment. However, people still believe that war ideal for ending

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